Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Episode 8: Early Destiny

This episode finds Matthew Kresal, Mary Lang and Robert Haynes reviewing the first four stories from Destiny Of The Doctor series, co-produced by Big Finish with AudioGo as part of the show's fiftieth anniversary. Topics discussed include the quality of each of story's respective reader, the continuity implications of Vengeance Of The Stones and how each story represents each Doctor's era (perhaps too much so).

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  1. I just hafta' say that I really love this site. Thanks for doing this you guys. About once a week, I sort of fall asleep listening to one of these podcasts. They're so chock full of info. I do try to avoid the ones for the stories I don't own, so I might be in some trouble moving forward, as you seem to be reviewing newer stories of late, and as I've opted to buy - for the main range - from the oldest to the newest (and, thus far, have only amassed the first 80 or so; although, I do have, on the newer end of things, all the Tom Bakers, The Destiny of the Doctors (LOVED those podcasts), I, Davros-es, and Early Adventures). Still, each time I get a new CD, I check through your backlog of episodes to see if I you've reviewed it! Anyway, I just can't say enough how great these podcasts are. Thanks again!