Thursday, November 21, 2013

Here Goes...

Good morning, good evening wherever you may be. Thank you for visiting the page even though, as I write these words there isn't a lot on here yet. That will hopefully change very shortly. Moving on...

As you're likely aware, and as the page name has probably done told anyways, this is the site for a new podcast called Stories From The Vortex. Likewise, you're very likely to also be aware that we'll be focusing not on TV Doctor Who but on the audio adventures based on it. They've primarily been produced by a company called Big Finish Productions and their output will be our primary focus though we will from time to time look at output from others who've produced official Who audios such as the apparently defunct AudioGo.

Hosting this podcast will be myself, Mary Lang and Robert Haynes. The three of us have for sometime now been co-hosts of Adam Pearson's 20mb Doctor Who Podcast. We owe Adam a big thanks for bringing us all together to begin with and we'll continue to be appearing on that podcast as well discussing televised Doctor Who.

Our first two episodes should be going online in the next few days so please keep an eye out here. You can also join our recently launched Facebook group as well.

Thanks for looking and happy listening!

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