Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Episode 28: Unbound Possibilities

Just in time for Christmas, we present the second of our episodes originally recorded and slated for November but delayed until now. This episode finds Matthew Kresal and Mary Lang reviewing two Big Finish stories with thematic ties to the recently broadcast series eight in the form of the Unbound tales Full Fathom Five and Exile (both released in 2003). Topics discussed include each story's unique take on the Doctor, darkness and comedy in Doctor Who and the marmite reactions to each story both within fandom and on the podcast itself.

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  1. As someone who counts such comedies as One Doctor, Scorchies and Wrong Doctors among his favourites, I thoroughly enjoyed the relentless paradoy of Exile. I also had to laugh along with all the belching and barfing, which corresponds with my appreciation of things like the Slitheen.